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Winter Wonderland

Brrrr…it may be that time of year to stay in and cuddle up by the fire, but who says the weather outside is frightful? We’re dashing through the snow! Even though, baby, it’s cold outside, when it comes to decorating our indoors, we’re inspired by the frosty outdoors. Here are some winter-inspired designs sure to have you exclaiming, “Let it snow, let it sno[...]

House of Rock opens in Santa Monica

Have you ever wondered how rock stars live when they’re not on tour? Look no further than the new House of Rock in Santa Monica, California designed by Elaine Culotti. Culotti purchased the 10,000-square-foot property two years ago and brought on designers Ralph Pucci, David Bromstad and Sami Hayek to outfit the inside with a music-inspired aesthetic. Full[...]

Zephyr Ventilation Showroom

Located in San Francisco’s Design District, Zephyr Ventilation is known among chefs and kitchen designers as a design-centric maker of range hoods that function as centerpieces of beautiful kitchens. Interested to see how a company like Zephyr operates its one and only Zephyr showroom, Styleture dropped by for a visit to check out the space and was se[...]

Black and White and Cool All Over

When Truman Capote threw his now infamous Manhattan black and white ball in 1966, no one suspected that along with society glitterai, he was also tapping into a long standing design schema; the push and pull of black and white. Representing the highest level of contrasts on the color wheel (though not really colors in and of themselves) – the stark and immed[...]

Design Trend: The Eco-Kitchen

Here at Styleture, we are nothing if not lovers of environmentally conscious interior design. We’ve been hooked on the trend since long before Ed Begley Jr. was driving around in an electric car (read: a long time). When it comes to environmentally conscious design for the kitchen, we get even more excited because of all of the great products out there. A de[...]

Island Hopping: Styleture’s Five Favorite Kitchen Island Range Hoods

The Styleture editorial team loves kitchens; and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a special place in our hearts for kitchens with islands. A well-designed kitchen island can greatly enhance storage, display, seating and all-around functionality of your kitchen, and look incredible while doing so. If you have your cooking range set up island sty[...]

Zephyr’s 2011 IMKDC: Cool Prize Giveaways

Back in June, we told you about the IMKDC (Inspire My Kitchen Design Contest), brought to you by our favorite range hood innovator, Zephyr. The contest, in its second year, brings together culinary aficionados, and awards homeowners and professional designers with prizes for incorporating a Zephyr range hood into their kitchen. Even better, it enters those[...]

Zephyr’s 2011 IMKDC: The Ultimate Kitchen Design Contest

Our editorial team members at Styleture have long been fans of range hood innovators, Zephyr. It only takes a glance at some of the offerings from their Cheng, Arc and Essentials collections to realize these guys know how to merge design and utility, and offer an outstanding product. With the goal of bringing together culinary aficionados, and awarding hom[...]

Sultans of Style: Robert Brunner

In Styleture’s “Sultan’s of Style” series, we profile game-changing artists who have pioneered their way into the history books of design. Robert Brunner, born in 1948 in the U.S., is an accomplished industrial designer who has produced groundbreaking works for high-profile clients. When he’s not hanging out with Lady Gaga or Dr. Dre, Brunner is off in hi[...]

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