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Zen and the Art of Great Design

In our modern vernacular, the term Zen is often used to describe furniture, décor and even a state of mind that exhibit a level of simplicity, balance and tranquility. Here are some of our favorite zen-inspired products bringing a little more mindfulness into the home.

Aging in Place, Aging with Grace

Until recently, the choices for products needed to provide a safe and elegant home for those 65 and older were somewhat limited. Nowadays however, there are more design options than ever. No more industrial grab bars or cold-looking bathroom products. Today’s homes and hotels can be elegantly outfitted to allow an ease of use and living that can really be ca[...]

Right-Sized Accessories

In kitchen and bath design, size matters — in fact, it’s a critical component. If an accessory or mirror is too big, it’s overwhelming. But if it’s too small, it will seem lost. Not unlike Goldilocks, we are all in need of accessories that are “just right.” Here are our suggestions for right-sized accessories. Luna1 Mirror – Hastings Tile & Bath [...]

Back in the Day....

Don’t you hate it when people say that? “Back in the day, we walked 10 miles to school uphill in the snow…” That kind of thing. We get it – things were “tougher” then. There were no iPhones so how did anything get done!? Washing, drying, bathing and showering had to be done manually – imagine that? We are kidding, because of course bathing and showering [...]

Refined Rustics

Warm, inviting and resplendent – When it comes to the current trend of turning old into new again, the French Country style is one of our favorite looks. A warm counterbalance to Industrial Chic, the French Country or Provencal aesthetic exudes relaxed rejuvenation with country-infused elegance. Gently weathered, distressed and rusted finishes add old wo[...]

Industrial Chic

Whir, zing, clang, crash! With a riveting retro vibe and a modern metallic look, “Industrial Chic” design is a hot new trend that’s here to stay. Exposed gears, unrefined piping and weathered finishes are just a few of the elements that comprise this edgy aesthetic. Infusing a factory-like look into your home doesn’t have to leave you working overtime. Here [...]

Happy Labor Day!

Are your #2 pencils sharpened and ready to go? The collective groan of the nation can be heard sometime around 9 pm Monday night, which is unofficially the last day of summer. As we slowly get back into work mode, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone that Labor Day was created as a dedication to the social and economic achievements of American worke[...]

Everything Old is New Again

If you’ve seen The Wall Street Journal’s features on the offices of Google (Paris, Mountain View, Dublin and now New York City), you’ve seen what creativity and virtually unlimited budgets can produce. Funky spaces with “authentic” NYC graffiti and replicas of apartments as lounge areas make up many of Google’s spaces. To us, this signals more than just fun [...]

The New Electronic Bathroom

At Styleture we’re livin’ on the edge – the cutting edge of design, that is! As we add more gadgets and gizmos to our arsenal of things we can’t live without, technology is seeping into more areas of the home and with wonderful results. Having the latest and greatest TV is one thing, but being able to incorporate this new technology into your futuristic bath[...]

What We Need To See at ICFF

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is back in full swing— and we couldn't be more excited! As North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design, ICFF brings together the latest design trends and innovations in one jam-packed trade show and exhibition. With the show opening to the public on Tuesday, here’s what we can’t wait to see at[...]

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