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Styleture visits KBIS 2014

Viva Las Vegas! This February 4-6, trade professionals, designers, consumers and more will descend upon the Las Vegas Convention Center for KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Showcasing the latest industry products, trends and technologies, KBIS is an inspiring, interactive platform that is guaranteed to be bigger than ever. This year the show w[...]

Right-Sized Accessories

In kitchen and bath design, size matters — in fact, it’s a critical component. If an accessory or mirror is too big, it’s overwhelming. But if it’s too small, it will seem lost. Not unlike Goldilocks, we are all in need of accessories that are “just right.” Here are our suggestions for right-sized accessories. Luna1 Mirror – Hastings Tile & Bath [...]

Everything Old is New Again

If you’ve seen The Wall Street Journal’s features on the offices of Google (Paris, Mountain View, Dublin and now New York City), you’ve seen what creativity and virtually unlimited budgets can produce. Funky spaces with “authentic” NYC graffiti and replicas of apartments as lounge areas make up many of Google’s spaces. To us, this signals more than just fun [...]

"Sinko De Mayo"

At Styleture we never pass up the opportunity to celebrate good style. With ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what new products are in store. While we anticipate the latest and greatest in design, we want to take some time to celebrate a few of our old favorites. And what better time to celebrate th[...]

Natural Design

As Earth Month comes to an end, it’s natural to reflect on all things… well, natural. Whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, the greatest design inspiration comes from Mother Nature herself. That’s why we at Styleture strive to bring nature’s beauty indoors whenever we can. We’ve found some of our favorite companies that are not only making natural products [...]

Steampunk Luxury

How do you fuse a blast from the past with a science fiction future? The answer is steampunk, an eclectic style that injects futuristic, steam-powered technology into the Victorian era. Taking inspiration from the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, steampunk creates an alternate reality where robots and Victorians share the same 19th century setting. W[...]

Branch out into Good Design

Autumn is upon us, from the shorter days to the crisp cool nights. And while it may be hard to compete with a festive pumpkin spice latte, the real superstar of fall is nature’s beauty. As the leaves change color and fall to the ground, we’re left to wonder, what would autumn be if not for the trees? Take a leaf from nature and go out on a limb. Spruce u[...]

Dwell on Design 2012 in Review

This past weekend was intense for much of the design industry as leaders in modern furnishings, fixtures, materials, and lifestyle products flocked to the seventh annual Dwell on Design expo in Los Angeles. Over three days, exhibitors displayed the best and newest of their product collections and visitors were able to participate in demonstrations, seminars,[...]

Dwell on Design 2012

This year, Dwell Magazine holds their seventh annual design exposition in Los Angeles on June 22-24. Dwell anticipates over 23,000 visitors will attend Dwell on Design, riding an upward trend of attendance at the largest design event on the West Coast. The week leading up to the start of the expo on Friday is known as Dwell Design Week and was kicked off on[...]

The Greeniest of Baths

Every day, we indulge in the delights of the bath. From the minute we rise, to the moments before we sleep, the bath provides invaluable comfort and luxury – a source of water and energy that counts among our most valuable resources. But, thanks to the ingenuity of a select group of designers and innovators, we don’t have to choose between indulgence and pre[...]

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