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European Stadium Design

They call it a beautiful game. In addition to joining countries together in rare harmonious fashion, football also has shown us how architects have pushed boundaries for stadium design. Here at Styleture we took a look at a few of our most architecturally esteemed stadiums across five different countries. Aviva Stadium in Dublin Instead of, say, a theate[...]

Best Designed Indoor Venues

Indoor performances bring a dramatically different tone to a show than their outdoor counterparts. Theaters and arenas alike fully enclose the crowd and allow them to forget about the outside world altogether for a brief moment in time. A great deal of this is owed to the architecture that the audience is immersed in, as well as the fact that lights, eff[...]

Silicon Valley Style

  Like all aspects of high tech companies in Silicon Valley, perks for employees in these offices are striving towards the future, making the prototypical office into some sort of adult playground that adheres to the motto, “Work hard, play hard.” In the quest to get the top software engineers and have the next leading app or program developed, these[...]

Bringing Vintage Back

Despite all the advancements in modern technology (or perhaps because of this), many of today’s homeowners clamor for the days of old, when we perhaps rolled our wheelbarrow off to the local blacksmith to outfit us with a new chest of drawers or table for our modest country home. Such handcrafted products remind us that we are real, of the Earth, and not[...]

Made In Italy

Italian writer and critic Umberto Eco once said, "If other countries had a theory of design, Italy had a philosophy, maybe even an ideology of design.” During the mid-twentieth century, most of Europe shifted their design concept to focus on functionality; on the contrary, Italian brands decided not to jump on the bandwagon, instead incorporating modern life[...]

Styleture's Design Trend Picks for 2013

Out with the old, in with the new. With each New Year comes a new opportunity to refresh, recharge…and redecorate! But before the countdown to midnight and the Auld Lang Syne serenade begins, we wanted to share some of our favorite design trends sure to carry over into 2013. Need help getting the look? No problem! We’ve included some tips to help you get [...]

Emerald City Style

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” This week Pantone  chose Emerald as their 2013 Color of the Year. Sophisticated and luxurious, emerald is associated with prosperity and renewal. And it’s no surprise. Whether a glittering gemstone or a fresh sapling, the color green is a n[...]

Branch out into Good Design

Autumn is upon us, from the shorter days to the crisp cool nights. And while it may be hard to compete with a festive pumpkin spice latte, the real superstar of fall is nature’s beauty. As the leaves change color and fall to the ground, we’re left to wonder, what would autumn be if not for the trees? Take a leaf from nature and go out on a limb. Spruce u[...]

Designs That Rock!

Roll over, Beethoven! From AC/DC to ZZ Top, rock ‘n’ roll is a way of life. But why leave your rock reverence for the stage when you can amp up the design in your own home? Whether you’re looking to bring the recording studio to your studio apartment or turn your posh pad into a mosh pit, we’ve got just the designs to make you twist and shout. So pull[...]

Larger Than Light presents "Let It Shine!"

If you’re a designer looking to showcase your talents, here’s some exciting news: Larger Than Light’s popular “Let It Shine” contest is back! From now until December 15th, Larger than Light is inviting designers to submit their best interior design project featuring a Littman Brands’ lighting fixture for a chance to win a $1000 cash prize. Two runner-u[...]

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