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Best Designed Indoor Venues

Indoor performances bring a dramatically different tone to a show than their outdoor counterparts. Theaters and arenas alike fully enclose the crowd and allow them to forget about the outside world altogether for a brief moment in time. A great deal of this is owed to the architecture that the audience is immersed in, as well as the fact that lights, eff[...]

Crystal Clear

Why are crystals cropping up all over the interior design landscape? The answer is crystal clear. With just the right amount of sparkle and polish, crystals add instant glam, a little extra glitter and a quick and stylish pick-me-up to any space. Swarovski has long been synonymous with luxurious, high-quality crystals, since Daniel Swarovski founded t[...]

Refined Rustics

Warm, inviting and resplendent – When it comes to the current trend of turning old into new again, the French Country style is one of our favorite looks. A warm counterbalance to Industrial Chic, the French Country or Provencal aesthetic exudes relaxed rejuvenation with country-infused elegance. Gently weathered, distressed and rusted finishes add old wo[...]

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Andy Warhol would have been 85 today – that’s a lot of soup cans! His playful, whimsical “pop” art creations seem as relevant today as they did in the 1950s, when the world got its first glimpse of his graphic drawings for advertisements. In the 1960s, his take on iconic American objects set the art world on fire – and his style still burns bright. What els[...]

Design Bloggers Conference 2013

Styleture recently joined other interior design bloggers, new media innovators and industry leaders for the 2013 Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, California. This premier conference brought together the world of interior design and new media, emphasizing the importance of blogging, social media and more. The two-day conference was filled with inspi[...]

Oscar Bathrooms by Devon & Devon

When it comes to furnishing an Oscar worthy bathroom, look no further than Devon&Devon. In addition to Villa Tre Ville, Franco Zeffirelli’s exclusive retreat in Positan, another project now connects Devon&Devon to the world of cinema: many suites at Palazzo Margherita, the historic nineteenth-century residence of Lucania Jonica, now owned by the d[...]

Great Gatsby Style

Even though Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby isn’t hitting theatres until June, we can’t keep our love for the Roaring Twenties quiet. Nearly a century later, the 1920s produced timeless, modernist pieces that are still very much en vogue today. Sculptural forms with strong ties to architecture and design, faceted polished chrome and stainless steel, elegant [...]

Go Goth!

Black out? Never. The darkest color in the rainbow is also the most tragically misunderstood. Black isn’t all doom and gloom, it’s a color worthy of worship even outside the funeral parlor. White is passé after Labor Day, but black is classic and refined year round. Feeling a little spooky? Take the passenger seat in our hearse and ride along as we dig [...]

Branch out into Good Design

Autumn is upon us, from the shorter days to the crisp cool nights. And while it may be hard to compete with a festive pumpkin spice latte, the real superstar of fall is nature’s beauty. As the leaves change color and fall to the ground, we’re left to wonder, what would autumn be if not for the trees? Take a leaf from nature and go out on a limb. Spruce u[...]

Designer Profile - INSTUDIO by Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder

INSTUDIO is a San Francisco based interior design studio started by artists and designers Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder. They take their natural inclination toward fine art and apply it to the practical planning of interior design for homes and small businesses. Their design style attempts to blur the boundaries between art, design, work and hom[...]

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