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Eco-Innovations: Uncompromising Style & Functionality

February 16th, 2010

As more and more consumers embrace lifestyle changes that minimize their carbon footprint, companies are taking notice and designing familiar things in a different way. Eco-chic is “in” and innovative manufacturers are creating products that maximize style while incorporating key green attributes, such as sustainability, water conservation, and recycled materials. Inventive and in balance with nature, the state-of-the-art products incorporated into the home décor of today’s modern age are creative, technically savvy, and functional — without sacrificing performance and style. (Click any image for a larger version).

Imaginatively designed and crafted by artisans, the fluid Fan takes inspiration from an accessory once representing social status in ancient Asia. With graceful lines and smooth motion both the Fan faucet and tub filler emit a waterfall flow for the true spa effect with water-saving technology. The meticulous curves, unique angles, and mirror-like polished surfaces are unmatched, and the eco-friendly collection can be equipped with a low-flow aerator for an industry-breaking 1.5 gallons-per-minute, a rate that has awarded it WaterSense certification.

fluid Fan

fluid Fan

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