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Dwell on Design 2012 in Review

June 26th, 2012

This past weekend was intense for much of the design industry as leaders in modern furnishings, fixtures, materials, and lifestyle products flocked to the seventh annual Dwell on Design expo in Los Angeles. Over three days, exhibitors displayed the best and newest of their product collections and visitors were able to participate in demonstrations, seminars, and networking events. There were so many innovative brands and products at the expo than we could even get to, but here’s a selection of some products and exhibits we found particularly interesting:

At the Loll Designs booth, visitors lounged in the latest outdoor furniture while Loll representatives explained their use of recycled materials and handed out plastic chip samples. All of their furniture is made entirely with used high density polyethylene, a hard plastic common in cutting boards, playground equipment, food containers, and countless other uses. Here is a ‘fun’ fact that we learned: every one pound of Loll furniture is equal to approximately eight milk jugs and every year the company diverts millions of pounds of plastic that would otherwise go to landfills. Now that’s recycling!

The GRAFF Faucets booth was busy with visitors clustered around high-tech showers and sleek faucets. The mirror-mounted Luna’s sculpture-like form attracted many visitors who admired it for the dramatic crescent shape. The Ametis collection of fixtures, designed by Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi through his design agency DCube, was also popular at the show. The Ametis faucets drew praise from attendees, particularly the black and LED-integrated version. The faucet has built-in LED lights that indicate water temperature and can be toggled between two flow rates (how cool is that?) The Aqua-Sense shower garnered lots of interest for its array of technological features. Ametis shower users are able to directly upload video and music files to be played on the waterproof screen and speakers as well as to set chromotherapy mood lighting, water orientation and temperature. Responding to increasingly tech-savvy consumer demand, GRAFF is perhaps the leader of luxurious smart showers.

Josh Herman Ceramics displayed some unusual vessels and sculptures formed from clay and finished in volcanic glaze that we were told took ten years to perfect. The San Diego-based artist has been inspired by his experience with Hakomi Therapy, a psychotherapy method that combines East with West under the principles of mindfulness, nonviolence, unity, organicity, and mind-body integration. Herman also gains much of his design inspiration from modern and mid-century design, culminating in unusual modern pieces.

Native Trails attracted to its booth visitors who were interested to see and learn more about the advancements and uses of bamboo in the bath setting and of their increasingly popular copper products. On display at the booth was the full Renewal collection of mirrors and vanities made from woven strand bamboo certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (the FSC is a very well-respected organization). Bamboo has boomed in recent years as consumers, homebuilders, and designers are drawn to its durability, sustainability, availability, and appearance. Consumers are used to seeing bamboo hardwood floors but this major expansion of the material into the bathroom is a significant affirmation of bamboo as a furniture material that we can expect to see in the bathroom. Long live bamboo!

Many visitors were elated to see that Airstream, maker of iconic stainless steel luxury trailers, once again exhibited at Dwell on Design with a demonstration trailer that kept a line of curious visitors waiting for a tour inside. Outside the trailer were several patio heaters created by niche design company Kindle Living which has successfully and cleverly combined the function of heat lamps with the form of modern indoor lamps. Their line of products have earned the company customers from homeowners to major hotels and restaurants who seek to heat and light their patio areas without sacrificing design. What a great combination Airstream and Kindle Living made – I have a hankering to buy an Airstream and travel around the country now!

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Booths to Visit at Dwell

June 22nd, 2012

Today marks the official start of the Dwell on Design 2012 modern design conference held in downtown Los Angeles. We’ll be there today through Sunday looking for eye-catching design and up-and-coming designers who are shaping the direction of modern design. Here are a few booths that we will be seeking out – look for us here:

GRAFF Faucets will be exhibiting their newest designs – the Ametis Collection of faucets and showerheads designed by high-profile Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi at booth #921. Oppizzi is known among design circles for his willingness to push the boundaries of modern design, and his collaboration with GRAFF has resulted in a striking and innovative collection that has the industry abuzz! The Ametis shower and faucet collection has been praised for its unique design and integration of LED lighting. Another product we want to see at GRAFF’s booth is the ceiling-mounted and electronically controlled Aqua-Sense shower system. Aqua-Sense is widely considered to represent a major advancement in the technology of luxury showers and, like the Ametis, it incorporates chromotherapy LED lighting into the design. Also to be displayed is the SENTO collection of sleek faucets designed by Italian industrial design company Angeletti Ruzza. GRAFF is also holding a competition where booth visitors scan a QR code on their smart phone and are entered to win an iPad – all of these are great reasons to stop by the GRAFF booth!

Graff Ametis Faucet

We are very interested in learning more about Damian Velasquez. Damian is an Albuquerque-based designer of distinctive modern furniture who will be showcasing Half13, his new outdoor collection. Velasquez designs and builds the furniture in his studio and especially likes to use metal and wood, and other materials that he finds piquing his interest. His entire five-piece outdoor collection is made from powder coated expanded stainless steel which he became enamored with after viewing the work of Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata. Part of the collection will be displayed on the deck of a prefabricated home at the show while all else will be at his booth #1011.

half13 by Damian Velasquez

Native Trails is a second-time exhibitor at Dwell and we are excited to see their new Renewal series ‘in person’. Native Trails popular line of unique bamboo vanities and bamboo-trimmed corresponding mirrors have received a lot of press and rightly so, since their products are sustainable and beautiful. Bamboo has been booming in popularity in recent years as it is increasingly sought for its hardiness and sustainability but is still a rarity in bath furnishings. Visitors to their booth will have a chance to win a Solace mirror, by “liking” their Facebook page and may double their chances of winning by also commenting. Native Trails can be found at booth #1331.

Native Trails Amelie Vanity

Sander Architects (booth #722) will have a booth definitely worth checking out to learn about the latest in green construction and increasingly trendy and efficient prefabricated housing. The Venice, California-based firm is well-known for their “hybrid house” concept where the frame, roof, and skin of the building are prefabricated off-site while the layout and design of the building and interior spaces are custom-designed. This has resulted in a diverse series of custom homes that have a smaller environmental footprint, faster construction and lower cost per square foot.

Prefabricated housing by Sander Architects

Of course, this is just a teaser list and there are certain to be many, many booths proudly exhibiting innovative and unusual designs. We hope that you check out these booths and tweet us @Styleture to let us know which exhibitors you are excited to see. See you on the show floor!

Dwell on Design 2012

June 21st, 2012

This year, Dwell Magazine holds their seventh annual design exposition in Los Angeles on June 22-24. Dwell anticipates over 23,000 visitors will attend Dwell on Design, riding an upward trend of attendance at the largest design event on the West Coast.

The week leading up to the start of the expo on Friday is known as Dwell Design Week and was kicked off on Friday the 15th with the popular Meet the Architects event. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to renowned architects discuss the design and process behind some of the most striking modern homes profiled by Dwell. This week and on Saturday, Dwell will hold a home tour of both the West and East sides of Los Angeles.

Kitchen & Bath Showroom Section

Dwell Outdoor has 25,000 square feet of exhibition floor

Oyler Wu Collaborative has been working tirelessly for months on their next art installation which will be unveiled and displayed at the expo. Oyler Wu is a Los Angeles-based international architecture and design company created by partners Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, the firm is known for its modern and often experimental design. Both partners teach design studio at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and have won awards for their book Plane Pendulum which they published in 2009. They are known for bold art installations such as reALIze, which honors the boxer Muhammad Ali with a complex sculpture.

Oyler Wu Installation

New at Dwell on Design this year is the Screening Lounge, sponsored by Design Onscreen and the Stephanie Odegard Collection. Four films are to be shown: Modern Tide, a film about midcentury architecture found on New York’s Long Island; Desert Utopia, about midcentury homes in Palm Springs, California; Contemporary Days will follow the impact, especially in Britain, that Lucienne and Robin Day had upon furniture design as we know it; Hella Jongerius follows the Dutch designer of the same name, who has developed a reputation for excellence in product design.

The Swiss Design Prize event is a celebration of Swiss product design, which is known to be meticulous and thorough, ranging from fashion to furniture. The competition is held every two years and makes a global tour, the first American stop of which will be Dwell on Design. This is a unique opportunity to see the best design coming out of Switzerland and perhaps gain insight into a culture that continues to innovate and maintain a reputation of quality.

Several art and design schools will be exhibiting student work on the exhibitor floor, making this an ideal event for students and prospective students interested in pursuing a career in design. Schools attending include Art Center College of Design, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Woodbury University,UCLA, Otis College of Art and Design, USC, and California Polytechnic of Pomona.

Ron Cogan, of Green Car Journal, will be organizing ride-along and test-drive trips in a range of low-emission cars. Included are hybrids by Infiniti, Acura, and Volkswagon in addition to electric cars by Chevy, Fisker, Audi, and Ford. Most unusual, Volkswagon will have a Passat running on biodiesel and Mercedes will be trying out hydrogen vehicle. This event serves as a reminder that keeping design innovation moving forward is important not just for the aesthetics of our environment, but for providing us with better technology for core needs such as transportation.

In addition to the plethora of activities and attractions organized by Dwell, there will be over 350 exhibitors at the show. Companies will be vying to draw visitors to their newest products, ranging from water fixtures to outdoor furniture. Native Trails is utilizing social media by giving away prizes to several visitors who “like” their Facebook page and one lucky winner will win the Solace mirror from their new Renewal collection. Contestants can double their chances by also commenting on their Facebook page. Graff Faucets, maker of the new Davide Oppizzi-designed Ametis collection of bath fixtures, is also utilizing social media by inviting visitors to participate in an iPad giveaway during the exposition.

Native Trails Solace Mirror

Graff Ametis

Dwell on Design this year is certain not to disappoint, as visitors will enjoy events and services not typical of design trade shows. The weekend of the show has been laid out with both the student and professional in mind, with enough activities, speakers, and exhibitors to keep one busy and informed. Our editors are attending, and we will be bringing you updates and insights into what the modern design of today and tomorrow looks like.

What to look for at Dwell on Design 2010

June 22nd, 2010

Dwell on Design, the largest design show on the West Coast, returns to Los Angeles this weekend. Being held at the LA Convention Center and running from Friday, June 25, 2010 through Sunday, June 27, 2010, the event will feature exhibits from over 200 brands, numerous design competitions, home tours and a wide variety of presentations and panels by design industry leaders.

We’ll be among the expected 17,000 visitors in attendance this year and are looking forward to checking out all the latest and greatest in interior design and architecture.  If you’ll be in attendance this weekend, here are a few booths that you’ll want to keep an eye out for while you’re navigating your way through the exhibition floor.

Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile produces artisan glass tile. The company  uses molten glass, a core element of the earth, to produce tile that captures the beauty of art glass in a way that transforms home and commercial spaces into works of art themselves.

Each piece of Oceanside tile is handcrafted and one of a kind – like a snowflake, each tile is unique and unlike any other. Oceanside’s tile is not only stunning in its looks but also sustainable in its production; it is made from up to 86% recycled material and includes over 2 million pounds each year of glass from curbside recycling programs. At Dwell, Oceanside will be showing off their latest collection, Muse, which is a handcrafted mosaic collection that comes in various palate and surface options.

Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile

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