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Fall Colors

Rusty reds, ochre yellows, caramel browns and pumpkin oranges… It’s that time of year when nature’s color wheel comes alive. As the leaves change color and fall, nature’s beauty takes center stage – transforming trees into multicolored masterpieces. With autumn upon us, here are some of our favorite products celebrating fall’s fabulous foliage. Pé[...]

The New Electronic Bathroom

At Styleture we’re livin’ on the edge – the cutting edge of design, that is! As we add more gadgets and gizmos to our arsenal of things we can’t live without, technology is seeping into more areas of the home and with wonderful results. Having the latest and greatest TV is one thing, but being able to incorporate this new technology into your futuristic bath[...]

THG Celebrates Partnership with Daum

Styleture was recently given the exclusive opportunity to attend a private event and showing of French premier brandsTHG and Daum. The event, which was held at the B&C Select showroom in Laguna Hills, California, highlighted their collaborative efforts for TGH’s Daum collection for the bath. THG’s partnership with Daum symbolizes the culmination of [...]

Valentine’s Day: Saying ‘Ahhh Love You’

Indulging one’s paramour on Valentine’s Day can take many forms; plying him or her with chocolate, wrapping a loved one in cashmere, blinding them with bling of some sort, providing a day away from the children a la a spa day. A spa day does sound nice – and if your readers want to know how to pamper their loved ones year-round (earning many more brownie poi[...]

Great Gatsby Style

Even though Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby isn’t hitting theatres until June, we can’t keep our love for the Roaring Twenties quiet. Nearly a century later, the 1920s produced timeless, modernist pieces that are still very much en vogue today. Sculptural forms with strong ties to architecture and design, faceted polished chrome and stainless steel, elegant [...]

Steampunk Luxury

How do you fuse a blast from the past with a science fiction future? The answer is steampunk, an eclectic style that injects futuristic, steam-powered technology into the Victorian era. Taking inspiration from the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, steampunk creates an alternate reality where robots and Victorians share the same 19th century setting. W[...]

The Future is Green - Future Forward Faucets

In the world of eco-chic, sometimes style is sacrificed for the sake of the environment. But what if you could minimize your carbon footprint while still maximizing innovation and creativity? fluid faucet's future-forward fixtures do exactly that. Meet a brand of bath fixtures that feature meticulous curves, unique angles, mirror-like polished surfaces, an[...]

What do a Penguin, Rainbow, Toucan, Fan & More Have in Common?

They are all new designs by the Sustainable Faucet manufacturer Fluid Faucets (FluidFaucets.com). Each of these lines of bathroom fixtures are not only low flow and very sustainable (WaterSense Certified), but also extremely unique and stylish. These designs have all been inspired by a different element from nature, art or the world’s most iconic architectur[...]

New Contemporary Collection of Bath Products by MGS

Faucets in solid stainless steel with simple silhouettes make for a contemporary spa retreat. In contemporary design, less is more. This is the philosophy leading faucet and fixture manufacturer MGS had in mind when designing their new Minimal Beauty Collection. Featuring simple shapes and slim silhouettes, all crafted from true solid stainless steel, thi[...]

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