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Your Perfect Home Pub

As one of the most-watched annual televised events, it’s safe to say that most televisions will be tuned into the Big Game this Sunday. But if the sports bar is too crowded, consider bringing the bar back to you. Perfectly suited for a basement or den, the home bar is the ultimate place to sit back and watch the game or just kick back with friends. Looki[...]

The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Established in 1801 by President John Adams, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has transformed from an aging shipyard into a revitalized community passionate for design, building and manufacturing. Located in a semicircular bend on the East River across from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Navy Yard is spread out over 300 acres and encompasses forty buildings, three d[...]

Styleture's Design Trend Picks for 2013

Out with the old, in with the new. With each New Year comes a new opportunity to refresh, recharge…and redecorate! But before the countdown to midnight and the Auld Lang Syne serenade begins, we wanted to share some of our favorite design trends sure to carry over into 2013. Need help getting the look? No problem! We’ve included some tips to help you get [...]

Winter Wonderland

Brrrr…it may be that time of year to stay in and cuddle up by the fire, but who says the weather outside is frightful? We’re dashing through the snow! Even though, baby, it’s cold outside, when it comes to decorating our indoors, we’re inspired by the frosty outdoors. Here are some winter-inspired designs sure to have you exclaiming, “Let it snow, let it sno[...]

Post-Door Hardwareism: The Starry Night Mural by David van Go-berg

If you’re adept at combining tongue-in-cheek humor with artistry that takes one of Vincent van Gogh’s key works into new, appealing and uncharted territory, then you’re okay by the Styleture editorial team. That’s exactly what “David van Go-berg” has done with the real Van Gogh’s Starry Night masterpiece, a Post-Impressionism painting from 1889, done on[...]

Top Designer Picks for Fall 2011

At Styleture, our editorial team always stays attuned to the latest in interior design trends. We’re never too proud to benefit from the wisdom of other design bloggers – especially a blogger like Boston-based Linda Merrill (www.surroundings.net), who also happens to be a designer. For Fall 2011, she’s been generous enough to share with us her favorit[...]

Bullet AK-47 Ice Cube Tray: Designer Ice Bullets for Your Cocktail Glass

It’s true – the world of fanciful product design extends to the ice cube tray, and there may be no more an interesting way to freshen up that Silver Bullet cocktail than with a couple of bullet shaped ice cubes in your glass. The black, silicone, Bullet AK-47 Ice Cube Tray is a spitting replica of a magazine for the famed Kalashnikov assault rifle and it mak[...]

Mix It Up: The Ultra-Modern Hoerboard Scomber Mix DJ Stand

Admit it – you’ve entertained dreams of telling your boss at your day job to go fly a kite, just so you can jet off to Ibiza and DJ the summer club circuit. It’s ok, we all have. Perhaps that dream was never more appealing than now, considering that the ultra-modern Hoerboard Scomber Mix DJ Stand is just a few thousand bucks ($2,330 once fully custo[...]

Entra Magazine: Featuring Design & Architecture of Exclusive Residences

The Styleture editorial team is a big fan Entra Magazine, an online publication that takes you inside exclusive residences created by some of the world’s top architects and designers. Presented by an editorial team with decades of publishing experience, images within Entra Magazine have been shot by internationally known photographers. Dramatic layou[...]

Pre-Fabulous: The OfficePOD Blurs the Line Between “Work” & “Life”

Let’s face it – the world of work is moving in an entirely new direction. In this day and age of at-home technologies and flex-time, more than ever employees don’t want to drive 20 miles to work, only to be stuck in a stuffy corporate office building for 9-plus hours a day. And don’t think that companies enjoy paying the exorbitant rents they do to ho[...]

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