Man Cave

CXC Simulations: For The Ultimate Man Cave!

What do you get the person who has everything? This question can stump even the savviest of shoppers, particularly around the holidays. The answer becomes even more challenging when the recipient has specific, luxury tastes – such as the car collector. With shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” shedding light on this unique hobby[...]

Chulo Canyon Cave House: The Real “Man Cave”

You always said you wanted a man cave – one that was unique, different and cool. Now’s your chance to have a man cave that’s all of those things and more. Plus, it’s actually a cave! The Chulo Canyon Cave House in Bisbee, Arizona is on the market and waiting for the right buyer. While the owner’s asking price is set at a cool $1.5 million, the incredible a[...]

The Man Cave Book: Ideas to Help You “Cave On”

“Behind every man is his man cave.” Or so goes the opening line of The Man Cave Book (2011 HarperCollins Publishers) by Mike Yost and Jeff Wilser. The two authors are no strangers to the pantheon of all things men, having created and authored The Maxims of Manhood. The duo are well aware that in the design world there is constant evolution[...]

Men's Decor - Man cave design ideas

Do bathrooms have a gender? Should they? Depending on the inhabitants of a home and their design aesthetic, any room can have a gender leaning. We’re not taking sides because we feel good design should be bigger than just one thing. However, we have seen some products that clearly seem to think of themselves as having a decidedly more masculine appeal, in an[...]

Great Man Cave Designs

Spring is right around the corner and we know a lot of people will be looking to take on a new renovation project this spring, and what better project to do this year than a new man cave space! Here are a few designs and ideas that we've found that we think are just great. Pool Table Designs: This is one of the nicest designs we've seen that includes a [...]

Man Caves are Heating Up This Winter

Over the past few years Man Caves have been becoming more and more popular. If you don't know already, Man Caves are places designed for the married man or family man as a place to have their space, decor and design. A Man Cave can be found in an addition, basement or even in a garage and have a number of styles whether it be the simple garage with a mini ba[...]

Creating a Vintage Space - Vintage Interior Design

A vintage look has been a very popular style lately with so many people renting and buying beautiful old apartments and condos with tons of character. Here are a few products to consider when designing your own vintage pad: Vintage Seating - Vintage furniture is a must if you are going for the vintage look. A good place to start is with seating, and there [...]

Top 15 Cars for 2010

We haven't done a post on stylish cars yet. So we thought we'd share with you some of our favorite cars to hit the market. From prudently stylish to lavish supercars, we've put it all right here for you: And our personal favorite, the Aston Martin One-77:

Manly Décor...

The title itself sounds like an oxymoron, but believe it or not there is a lot of manly décor out there these days. There are plenty of masculine finishes, modern furnishings and state-of-the-art fixtures for delving into a “gentlemen’s club” inspired makeover. Many men prefer designs with perfectly straight lines, dark brooding colors, rustic and earthy acc[...]

MotoArt - Turning Old Aircraft Into Functional Art

MotoArt creates high quality furniture out of vintage airplane parts. They are based in Los Angeles and use old aircraft parts such as rudders, flaps, stabilizers, engine cells, fuselage, windows, and even galley carts, which they make into mobile mini bars. The owners of MotoArt have a love for these old aircrafts, and are saddened when they see these mag[...]

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