Top Designer Picks for Fall 2011

At Styleture, our editorial team always stays attuned to the latest in interior design trends. We’re never too proud to benefit from the wisdom of other design bloggers – especially a blogger like Boston-based Linda Merrill (www.surroundings.net), who also happens to be a designer. For Fall 2011, she’s been generous enough to share with us her favorit[...]

Where the Rubber (or Grout) Meets the Road

Carpet versus Tile – The debate continues... It’s 2011 – and there are still far too many people who say they want to use sustainable and healthy products in their home but who don’t fully understand what constitutes a sustainable home environment. Unknowingly, we sometimes buy home design products without much thought to the product’s provenance or even[...]

What is a Mud Room?

There’s a good chance your home doesn’t have a mud room, as many do not. But if you live in a damp or snowy climate, or simply have a family that is active outdoors, there’s a good chance you could benefit from one. So what exactly is a mud room? Pretty much what it sounds like – an enclosed halfway point between the yard and the main rooms of the house, usu[...]

Floor It! An Accelerated & Exciting History of Tiles

Men have assembled armies, waged wars, and attempted conquests and lost their lives, all for the sake of tiling – it’s true. Sort of. In actuality, wars and conquests across the globe have influenced tile making and resulted in the epic rises and colossal downfalls of entire tile industries and dynasties. While “mud men” – masons, actually – were crafting m[...]

Viva La Ceramica!

Viva La Ceramica! If you’ve been under the impression that mouth-watering high-design tiles are out of your reach – you’ve been missing what can only be called a "Tile Revolution!” For those of us in the industry who have been watching the evolution (or revolution) – it does seem as though tile is certainly having its day – and really its year. Having just [...]

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