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The Future of Industrial Design

The future of industrial product design has never looked brighter. Design innovation is at an all-time high, and the widespread adoption of smartphones or the release of Tesla’s Powerwall proves that great design catches on. Inspired by these recent trends, we’ve compiled a list of products that seem like a shoe-in for global embrace. Tesla's Powerwall [...]

Music to Your Ears (and Eyes)

Great design strikes us. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest series by BMW or a striking art installation at The Broad, if it’s well-designed we like it. Recently we’ve found that more and more music products have been incorporating style and industrial design in a way like never before. Gone are the days when a guitar and drums was all you needed, and with[...]

LightShow West 2015

It’s no secret that Styleture loves illuminating design. That’s why we were excited to attend LightShow West 2015, the only trade show and conference specifically created for West Coast specifiers of commercial, architectural and high design lighting products. At the show we saw a variety of cutting-edge lighting designs and brands at the forefront of the in[...]

Berman Ceramic Arts

Styleture fans in the Los Angeles area, we’d like to alert you to an upcoming art event and celebration you surely won’t want to miss. Berman Ceramic Arts is having their holiday sale on Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15. Nineteen ceramicists will fill the studio with new works, from early-folk style vessels to flowing contemporary sculptures – with[...]

WestEdge Design Fair 2015

Styleture recently traveled to Santa Monica, California, to attend the WestEdge Design Fair, a four-day event celebrating contemporary design in a modern environment packed with premium home furnishing brands and designers. While we enjoyed seeing everything the show had to offer, here is a closer look at some of our favorite booths and show highlights. [...]

Crystal Clear

Why are crystals cropping up all over the interior design landscape? The answer is crystal clear. With just the right amount of sparkle and polish, crystals add instant glam, a little extra glitter and a quick and stylish pick-me-up to any space. Swarovski has long been synonymous with luxurious, high-quality crystals, since Daniel Swarovski founded t[...]

Bring the Hotel Home with You

There is nothing more difficult than ending your vacation and being forced to get back into your day to day routine. This is due in large part to the amenities that you quickly become accustomed to in the hotel, spa, or resort that you’ve been staying in. Here are some items that you probably looked at wide-eyed in your hotel, but that you should conside[...]

What to See at ICFF 2015

Once again, the ICFF trade show is poised to showcase the latest trends and styles of contemporary design across a variety of home and commercial products, including lighting, plumbing, textiles, flooring, accessories, furniture, and more. Over 700 exhibitors are expected at the event, meaning the thousands of visitors will need to pick and choose which prod[...]

What to See at BDWest 2015

The BD West (Boutique Design) industry show has grown tremendously in its short existence, bringing wide ranging boutique design companies together for both networking and business. As in its previous years, 2015 is on track to again draw a large crowd, eager to see new products and connect with like-minded individuals and companies. We think these pr[...]

Bringing Vintage Back

Despite all the advancements in modern technology (or perhaps because of this), many of today’s homeowners clamor for the days of old, when we perhaps rolled our wheelbarrow off to the local blacksmith to outfit us with a new chest of drawers or table for our modest country home. Such handcrafted products remind us that we are real, of the Earth, and not[...]

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