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Lightovation - Best of Dallas Market Lighting

The Superbowl comes a little early for those in the decorative lighting industry. From January 20th-24th, every relevant brand in the industry gathered in Dallas, Texas, for Lightovation, the Dallas International Lighting Market. We got to check out the Littman Brands showroom, arguably the most versatile and impressive out of the many companies that we [...]

European Stadium Design

They call it a beautiful game. In addition to joining countries together in rare harmonious fashion, football also has shown us how architects have pushed boundaries for stadium design. Here at Styleture we took a look at a few of our most architecturally esteemed stadiums across five different countries. Aviva Stadium in Dublin Instead of, say, a theate[...]

Ronbow: Timeless Design Meets Modern Ingenuity

There are few companies that have the ability to encompass historical design paradigms throughout their product collections. One brand that we have kept our eye on is Ronbow, a Northern California based luxury bathroom furnishings manufacturer. Ronbow has moved beyond established design niches, not only with their newly released Signature Series, but in [...]

Super Bowl - Stadium Design

On February 7th the yearly pinnacle of American tradition and sporting lore, the Super Bowl, will find its way to Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. Largely utilitarian, NFL stadiums have typically fail to bound beyond a heaping oval of cement and steel, usually more reminiscent of a military complex than a beautifully designed destination for entertainment. [...]

High-Tech Home Favorites from CES 2016

Ronbow We got to tour NextGen HomeTV’s SmartHome in person, an entire model home built on eco-conscious design. One company that caught our eye was Ronbow, a Northern California-based luxury bathroom furnishings manufacturer. Remember those outdated globe vanity lights that remind you of a tacky 1970s Hollywood dressing room? Well, now Ronbow has incorp[...]

Best Designed Indoor Venues

Indoor performances bring a dramatically different tone to a show than their outdoor counterparts. Theaters and arenas alike fully enclose the crowd and allow them to forget about the outside world altogether for a brief moment in time. A great deal of this is owed to the architecture that the audience is immersed in, as well as the fact that lights, eff[...]

Best Designed Outdoor Venues

Just how important is the design of the spot that you see your favorite band or stage show? If you’re reading Styleture odds are that it not only makes a difference, but can make or break your experience. But how much does it really matter? Well, how different would it be to see your favorite artist or show in a corporate-owned stadium? How about a conte[...]

The Future of Industrial Design

The future of industrial product design has never looked brighter. Design innovation is at an all-time high, and the widespread adoption of smartphones or the release of Tesla’s Powerwall proves that great design catches on. Inspired by these recent trends, we’ve compiled a list of products that seem like a shoe-in for global embrace. Tesla's Powerwall [...]

Music to Your Ears (and Eyes)

Great design strikes us. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest series by BMW or a striking art installation at The Broad, if it’s well-designed we like it. Recently we’ve found that more and more music products have been incorporating style and industrial design in a way like never before. Gone are the days when a guitar and drums was all you needed, and with[...]

LightShow West 2015

It’s no secret that Styleture loves illuminating design. That’s why we were excited to attend LightShow West 2015, the only trade show and conference specifically created for West Coast specifiers of commercial, architectural and high design lighting products. At the show we saw a variety of cutting-edge lighting designs and brands at the forefront of the in[...]

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